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Steve and Lisha Finley, the original founders and creators of Rubber Ducky Condoms and T-shirts are still the owners and will be re-introducing new product in spring 2013. Look for all the hot t-shirt designs and promotions during this, Rubber Ducky’s 25th anniversary year.
"The Original AFTER Party Animal",

"We Deliver but we don't come quick!", "No Ducky, No Lucky". Check back periodically, as new designs and slogans will begin appearing in November and continue through summer 2001. Rubber Ducky has been written up in hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories, and we've put a few here; just click Press. Later, we'll add to the site, Rubber Ducky radio jingles, MTV footage of the Spring Break Rubber Ducky Bedtime Games, and photos of Safe Sex Nights at Clubs. Rubber Ducky has made it much easier (less embarrassing) to buy and use condoms. Rubber Ducky's T-shirt program has brought the subject out into the open, turning embarrassed silence into smiling conversation. Buying and using Rubber Ducky and Ms. Ducky condoms is much easier than "regular" brands. These are definitely not your parents' condoms! Rubber Ducky's a whole new animal!
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