For the last twenty years, he has sold bread, papertowels, class rings, fire extinguishers, soap, and religious books. An ordinary salesman by day, Steve Finley canvassed the coasts showcasing his assorted wares door-to-door in small beach & resort shops. By night, when others of his ilk were winding down from a weary day on the beat, Finley would slip off those salesman's shoes, slide on his marketing cap , and spend his off hours tinkering with new product proposals.
tried his hand at developing a new panty hose line that sold locally in the Houston, Tx area. He developed a line of insect repellent and this made it to a regional brand in Texas and Florida. And then in 1980 Finley hit a homer. For as much as his last $100 would buy, he began purchasing bottles of discontinued suntan lotion from salvage brokers.

Next he sold his home, bought a travel trailer, and headed to the sands of South Padre Island.
From the back of his van, Finley sold so many bottles of lotion that he was able to develop four more tanning gel lines, including the then popular Burn_Off, Green Stuff, Aloe Up, and Aloe Gator.

Steve Finley wants to make condoms "cool."

In 1986, his company placed ninety-fourth on the Inc. 500 list, and Finley managed to haul in a whopping $2.5 million before selling out to a cosmetics company.With those sunnyday profits lining his pocket, Finley started brainstorming again, certain that the world needed a cooler condom. "Rubber Ducky condoms are hip, fashionable," says Finley. "Kids are having sex at a much earlier age now. With such a young audience you've got to make using condoms a cool thing to do and at the same time convey the message that not wearing condoms is just plain stupid." Finley believes that many larger condom makers use the wrong approach. "They use scare tactics by focusing on AIDS, death, and disease. But condom buyers, statistics show, are as young as sixteen years old, and at that age it's hard for them to relate to death and dying."
To appeal to youthful users, Finley's Rubber Ducky boxes sport an animated duck giving a thumbs-up sign, and the condoms come in five different colors. Couple that with peppy, quipping ad slogans like "The Duck Stops Here, " "Rubber Ducky--The Original After Party Animal," "The Fit That Won't Quit," and "Wear The One You Love."
His latest venture has been very well received, Finley says. "On spring break from Padre to Daytona Beach, the crowds will go crazy." -

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